Call for Papers

Comms Connect Virtual Series – Interested in participating?

With our new, virtual events launching shortly, we’re keen to hear ideas for workshops, panel discussions and topics for inclusion in our mini-conferences, so if you have an idea, get in touch,  

As always, the sectors that can been covered are broad and diverse, below are just examples of some of the main ones that utilise critical communications, if you have another user group in mind, let us know.

Target sectors include:

·          Transportation – road, rail operators, ports and airports, public transport
·          Public safety/emergency management – all agencies and volunteer organisations
·          Utilities – water, gas and power generation
·          Resources – mining, oil and gas
·          Government – including customs, defence, environment
·          Enterprise
·          Commercial – retail, construction, venues, health facilities, hospitality etc

Panel discussions

As part of our new, virtual series, we’ll be running two-hour sessions that start with two or three short presentations on a given topic, e.g., Critical communications in the resources sector – current trends and future likely directions. These will then be followed by discussion by our panel, led by an expert moderator, with questions able to be asked by the online audience.

If you would like to present, join a panel, or share an idea email or call us today and remember, these can be technology based or case studies, but must not be sales orientated.

Training workshops

We have a number of topics already in development or ready to be presented, i.e., Microwave Masterclass, but would still be open to discussing additional topics that could resonate with our audiences. Again, get in touch to let us know your thoughts, we’d be very pleased to discuss how we can help make the idea a reality.

Handouts, classroom-style interaction and demonstrations are expected for all workshops and materials should be available for distribution by the organisers in the week prior to the workshop to help participants prepare.

Topics for consideration for workshops include, but are not limited to:

·          Applications – innovations for business and mission-critical users
·          Cybersecurity – protecting your critical systems and networks
·          Next-generation networks – what does the network of the future look like?
·          Geospatial and situational awareness
·          Networking and IP fundamentals
·          Control rooms – data, its use and how to handle the influx
·          Radio communications fundamentals for non-radio communications professionals